2008 Outer Banks Vacation (Corolla NC)

Starting the week off right,
at the Tiki Bar

Jordan and Colin Serving Drinks
from the Tiki Bar

Is that the way that flippers
are supposed to work?

Ally, Abby & Kaylee Playing
"the game of Life"

Colin in the Pool

Trevor & Greg

Abby about to splash

Air time!

Kaylee Head first into the pool

Samantha & Kristi

Jordan riding the trailer bike

Ally, Todd, Rachel & Kaylee

Surfer Girl

Kaylee Riding a wave

Building a sand castle

Rachel Helping

Reinforcing the walls

Jordan & Trevor putting the final
touches on the drip castle

The finished product

Jordan & Kaylee

Colin, Kaylee, Jordan, Ally & Trevor


Fire Again!!!


More Air Time!


Andrea & Greg in the pool

Andrea & Greg

Colin & Trevor

3 Floaties for Andrea

2 Floaties for Andrea

1 1/2 floaties???

1 Floatie

No Floaties

Todd's Kite

Andrea taking a nap on the bike

Tour of the
Currituck Beach Lighthouse

The Lighthouse Keeper

Build in 1873

Suzy, Jordan & Trevor
at the top

Monkey island, in the distance

Eric & Jordan

The Ruth Family

Paul & Colin

3 Water towers

The Stairway Down

The Wishing Well

Colin, Jordan & Trevor

Jordan, Trevor, Andrea,
Kaylee & Ally

This is the fort that the
kids built to prepare for
Water Wars!

Nestea Plunge?

Paul about to jump

Paul High in the air

Paul about to make
a big Splash

We took a tour of the
Carova Beach Wildlife

The sanctuary is
"off the paved road"

Tow Trucks, just waiting
for someone to get stuck.

Our Tour Guide

Hey, there's someone
stuck already!

Ally & Kaylee with
some wild horses
in the background

Kaylee, Ally & Trevor
by the bus

Signpost to some
interesting places

One of the wild horses,
grazing in someone's back yard.

Jordan, Rachel & Ally on the bus

Suzy & Jordan on the Beach

More Horses

More Water Wars!

Greg Serving drinks
from the Tiki Bar

Jordan Playing Basketball in the pool

Rachel & Ally

Samantha enjoying a mid afternoon nap

Trevor Boogie Boarding

Lisa Relaxing

Evening T-Storm

This is the house we rented for the week.

View of the pool from the deck

Group Photo

All the kids saying bye to Samantha

Our traditional Breakfast spot before leaving the Island

Ally & Kaylee on the Pier behind the restaurant

Suzy & Jordan

Family Photo

Jordan & Eric

Mimosa anyone?

Samantha, ready for the trip home

Ally & Jordan under the palm tree

Jordan is home "in body", but still at the beach "at heart"