Seneca Rocks
Memorial Day weekend 2009

Joe at the Grill


Joe and April's dog "Onyx"

Todd & Kristi join the fun

Ally carrying Andrea

Kids making "Football Pudding"

Night under the stars

Sunrise over the Rocks

Colin throwing

Makayla, Mike & Amy

Sammy (Samantha)

Jordan & Colin helping carry Ice

Medivac Helecopter landing

Jordan and Mickey,
Ready for a day of hiking

Andrea & Ally

Jordan & Trevor

Jordan & Mickey

Greg & Karen (with Andrea in the Backpack)

Mickey & Ally
on the mountain trail

Trevor & Jordan
taking a water break

Back on the trail

April & Joe

Andrea at the Lookout

Traditional Picture of the dead tree

Yokums general store

View of our campsite
from the lookout

Seneca Visitor Center

Water break at the Lookout

What a View!




Wildlife Up close

Rock Climbing Warning

Jordan & Trevor

Jordan & Ally on the rocks

Greg, Trevor, Jordan, Suzy & Ally

Greg and Andrea

Geocaching at the top
of Seneca Rocks

I think the lute's hiden in there

Ally In the visitor center

Vendors selling hand made baskets

View of the rocks
from our campsite

Samantha Taking an afternoon nap

View of the Rocks

Pogo Sticks

Steve, Relaxing at the campsite

Climbers on the rocks

Sammy pushing the stroller

Jet flying overhead

Onyx resting

Abby taking a nap

Colin on the Pogo Stick

Trevor's big LollyPop

Time to Cook

Rachel playing with Mickey

Joe and April relaxing

Steve, Samantha & Lynne

Eric relaxing

Around the Campfire

Camp shelter

Abby & Ally

Samantha & Jordan

Kaylee & Valerie


Samantha & Jordan

Kristi & Sammy

Stream where we stopped for lunch

Val, Relaxing on a rock

Sammy & Todd


Jordan being Cute