4th of July 2005

Ally on the Bull Swing

Ally and Jordan


Hang on Ally

Tree Climbing 101

Ally Carrying her little Sister

Still carrying Jordan

Jordan & Bon-Bon

Kayden being tortured by his sister and her friend

Almost time for fireworks

Enjoying the Show

Playing Frizbee with Pop-Pop

What a catch (Grace)

Another near miss


Is it My turn yet?


I almost had it that time!

Ok, I'm ready now!

Ally "The Gazelle" Ruth

Apples anyone?

Fun on the Slip-n-slide

Kayden Trying out the Slip-n-slide

Hayley ready to slide

The Approach

The Fall

The Dive

The Finish

Uncle Fred manning the grill

Brian & Eric throwing horse shoes

Darla & Pop-Pop too

Jordan with Aunt-Pat

Ally, Kayden, Jordan, Aunt-Pat & Hayley

mmmm....chocolate cake

Ally on the Rings!

Look at that form!

Ally's Parade Wave!

Hang on Tight Jordan!

Look mom, No Hands!

Cheeto Girl!

Cheeto Girl!

No Cheetos?

Uncle Fred and Brian


Jordan & Mom giving it a try

Fireworks in the driveway