2005 Memorial Day Weekend

Group Picture #1

Group picture #2

Chris and Jeannie

Paul blowing up the flying saucer

Colin being run over by the Jeep

Sun on the rocks

New improved canope for rain protection

Jordan in Dora hat & Hiking shirt

Lisa & Paul relaxing

Mike & Amy

Ally & Jordan staying warm in the tent

The Big Dipper

Hiding from the wind behind a big rock

Trevor before the "fall"

Mike & Jake on the ledge

Abby, Colin & Paul Page

Hanging out in the truck, staying out of the wind.

Cool Kite, now if we only had some wind

Helecopter Flight School

Ready for Takeoff

We have liftoff

Oh, no, Where is it going?

Maverick's in a flat spin, he's heading out to sea. Or at least into the woods!

Greg, playing the human Moon Bounce.

Suzy and Jordan

"Redneck" Jordan

Trevor being incarcerated by Allyson

Of course, there's lots of food!

Like I said, Lots of food!

Why is the world upside-down?

Paul incarcerated by Abby

Storm hits the campground. Heck with flying the kite, let's fly the canope!


Double Rainbow

Is it safe to come out yet?

Here comes the nice weather


Todd, Kristi & Racheal's Camper

Greg, Karen & Trevor

Todd fishing at Spruce Knob Lake

Todd's Fish

In case you missed it in the first picture.

Playing Barbie's in the tent.

Todd & Jake playing Rummy

Greg as the Human Moon Bounce (Again)

Lisa's Brother (William) as the Human Moon Bounce

Todd & Racheal

Kickball game...Chris & Jake vs All the kids under 6

William tired from the Horseplay!

William, using the hood to keep his hair from catching fire.

Todd & Kristi