Pictures from Fall 2001


Hi Everyone.
I'm back.  With more pictures from the last couple months.
Halloween is almost here.
Check back soon for cool halloween pictures.


Ally and Abby Playing on the Scooby Bed!

Great view from way up here!

   Out for a nice hike in the woods!                                         Mom! Dad!  Watch me run with this stick!


Somebody please help me down?

I Love Slides                                                                                Check Out My hair!

Honest mom, I don't need a nap,
I'm not even tired!

Drinkin' from the hose...

I'm ready to go shopping!

Guess who took this picture?

3 Kids just hangin' out at the diner!

Boy, this looks like fun!                                                                     Yea, this is lots of fun

Whhhhheeeeeee!!! This is great!                                                 OK, Somebody get me outta here!

Showing off my cast
(no, my arm wasn't really broken, but the doctors thought it was!)

Halloween Pictures!

                      Lawn Maintenance 101                         Fun at the Playground!

Hanging out with Kayden

Yummm!  Ice Cream!