Highlights - Memorial Day 95

                     Memorial Day Camping Trip 95'

   Destination:    Seneca Rocks, WV for a fun packed extended weekend
                   camping trip

          Plan:    "I'm Sorry, I couldn't Help it."

         Group:    Patty Minto, Valerie Schutz, Eric Ruth, Suzy Thompson,
                   Greg Grieff, Joe Baigis, Lisa Galaini, Steve Shala,
                   Lynne Ginther

Friday  5/26

   Weather: Mostly cloudy, T-storms likely.

10:00    Joe calls Greg: says he'll be at Greg's about 2:30 and he needs
             socks because he forgot his.

 2:30    No Joe???

 3:15    No Joe!  Greg calls Eric & Patty to tell them they will be late.

 3:45    Joe Arrives, Trucks packed, Head to Eric's

 3:50    Joe realizes he forgot to get socks from Greg

 4:35    Arrive at Eric and Suzy's, load trucks, Rain begins

 4:40    Leave Eric and Suzy's, Joe forgets socks again.

 5:00    Traffic really sucks going to Patty's

 5:30    Arrive at Patty's, Everyone's stuff squeezed into vehicles,
            group heads to McDonalds

 5:35    Women purchase dinner at McDonald's, Men get gas across the

 5:45    Group begins it Journey down 66 west.

 5:50    Traffic really sucks

 6:15    Stop at Wall-Mart for Joe to by socks

 6:20    Joe still shopping for shorts, shirts, and roller blades???

 6:30    Back on 66 west

 6:35    Half the group discovers that "Joe's Truck" is the place to be
            because that's where the chocolate chip cookies are.

 7:15    Eric panics when Greg passes exit for 55, Greg assures Eric
           on really crappy CB he know what he is doing.

 8:30    Bathroom break in WV,  Women discover rather disgusting
            bathroom, Men practice aim in bathroom without any lights

10:00    After somewhere between 3 and 8 U-Turns (depending on who's
             telling the story) Greg locates campsite entrance.

10:05    Group meets up with Steve & Lynne, who already have fire
             started; Camp setup, Beers opened!

10:10    Val goes from tent to tent trying to decide sleeping

10:15    No decision yet!

10:20    Everyone gives up on Val and makes sleeping arrangements
             without her.  (Joe and Val in one tent, Greg, Patty, and Lisa
             in the other... Joe was happy, Greg wasn't)

11:30    Determine we will never have enough Alcohol to make it through
             the weekend.

11:45    Game of President.

12:15    Sap from picnic table Attacks Campers.

12:30    Joe discovers a way to remove sap from picnic table by
             igniting it.

12:35    Joe has about 1/8 of the table on fire, women not happy.

12:45    Picnic table set ablaze...campers victorious.

 1:30    Group retires for the evening.

Saturday   5/27

   Weather: Partly cloudy, cool.

 7:30    Eric comes back from shower complaining it is entirely too
             hot, He was right!

 8:30    Breakfast started, scrambled eggs and bacon for 9.

 8:45    Steve singes hair on 2' to 8' flames (depending on who's telling
             the story) after attempting to empty excess fuel from a 35 year
             old Coleman Stove.

 8:50    Still burning off excess fuel

 9:00    Breakfast made.

 9:30    Firewood search, women lead by Lynne raid other camp sites, and
             return with bug infested 50lb log.

10:00    Cleanup by throwing everything in Greg's Blazer, and get
             ready to head out for the day.

11:00    9 people pile into Joe's Blazer for a 2 mile drive to Seneca

11:05    Discussion over who gets more Car sick from sitting in the back seat.
             (Lynne Looses, Joe sits up front.)

11:20    Patty and Lisa go for information about where to hike.  Rest of
             group makes decision to hike to top of Seneca Rock.

11:30    Start assent up trail to top of Rocks.

11:50    Patty made nervous by people coming down the trail looking
             at her as if she was going to die.

12:15    Reach observation Deck, solicit people to take group pictures
             with somewhere between 4 and 8 cameras (depending on who's
             telling the story)

12:20    Climb up to Rocks, and hang out.

12:25    Group realizes that 9 Canteens of water was slight overkill.

12:30    Nearly kill rock climber, while having him take a group picture.

12:35    Lynne practices her best parade wave while free standing atop
             the edge, Joe captures on film.

12:45    Journey down trail started.

 1:30    Group piles back into Joe's Blazer and heads back to camp.

 1:40    Observation:  Joe's Sky Page reads "OUT OF RANGE" ???

 1:45    More beer purchased at Store, Joe gets blow pop to put on Val's
             pillow as a mint.

 2:00    Lunch made

 2:15    Joe and Greg decide to take a nap.

 3:30    Greg awakened by loud game of Yatzee???

 3:35    Joe bouncing off trees after eating entire bag of Chips Ahoy

 4:30    Steve whittles slotted spoon.

 4:45    Rain shelter established using tarp and 50lb log retrieved
             earlier by the women.

 4:47    Group decides more Firewood is needed.

 4:50    Women depart to gather firewood.

 5:00    Women Return with 150 LBS of firewood (1 BIG LOG)

 5:05    Joe breaks out handy Camp Saw.

 5:55    Joe and Steve still cutting Firewood.

 6:00    Game of Arobee in street.

 6:03    Joe hurls Arobee into tree.

 6:05    Joe attempts to scale tree using belt.

 6:07    Joe's bleeding

 6:08    Joe searches for electrical tape.

 6:10    Eric decides to hurl 3lb rock at Arobee 20' up in tree.

 6:15    Eric gives up.

 6:18    Nerf football is used to retrieve Arobee from the tree.
             (Much rejoicing)

 6:20    Arobee throwing resumed.  (more carefully)  Meanwhile, rest of
             group reads womens magazines.  (The word vibrator was heard)

 6:30    Joe plays chicken with cars by lying in the middle of the street.

 6:35    Joe wins game of chicken as cars drive around him.

 6:40    Joe's sugar high wears off as he is lying in the middle of the
             street, drinking a beer, and attempting to still play Arobee.

 6:45    Eric and Greg find Joe's beer to be an interesting target for the
             Arobee. (No Success)

 6:50    Suzy inadvertently spills Joe's beer.

 7:10    5 hours since last meal...Group hurriedly prepares dinner.

 7:15    Beef stew cooking on campfire.

 7:25    Tongues burned on Much too Hot Beef Stew.

 7:35    Group embarks on after dinner walk.

 7:40    Steve plummets to bottom of roadside cliff...

 7:42    Group decides "He'll be ok" and continues walking.

 7:45    Group decides to walk to amphitheater to see nature movie 'The
             forest and you' or 'You and the forest' or 'You and the Forest Gump'
             depending on who's telling the story.

 7:50    Eric decides to exclaim, the movies cancelled to the people
             waiting below.

 8:05    Movie substituted with Mt. St Mary's documentary,  Eric, Greg, Suzy
             Joe and Val leave disappointed????

 8:15    "Dead Animal Smell" Discovered and used as landmark

 8:55    Return to campsite for a night of drinking and Pictionary Playing

 9:30    Men realize that they have no internet connection
             (worried looks prevail)

10:00    Campfire is perfect for cooking...more food prepared.

10:05    Smores made, Suzy ignites many a marshmallow.

10:10    Eric Drops "Smore" on ground.

10:15    Eric Drops second "Smore" in Campfire, retrieves it with bottle
             cap attached...(Much Grumbling)

10:20    Eric observed mumbling "Smores Suck"

11:00    Most of Group prepares for an early evening.

11:05    Suzy, Eric, Greg, and Val decide to take a walk before bed.

11:15    Eric, Val, and Suzy discover "The Kramer Sensation"
             when eyes which are accustomed to almost total darkness
             are exposed to a 4 cell maglight at close range.
11:20    Still enjoying "The Kramer Sensation"

11:30    Val and Greg relieve themselves in the bushes.

11:35    Greg terrified by Val galloping full speed toward his flash light
             exclaiming 'Run into the Light!, Run into the Light'

12:00    The group retires for the evening.
             Greg decides it's great weather to sleep out of the tent, next
             to the campfire.

Sunday  5/28

   Weather: Rain Heavy at times, clearing by evening

 2:00    Greg nearly stepped on by Lynne on her way to bathroom.

 6:45    Greg awakened by smoke from fire after Joe put a few logs on.

 7:30    Greg awakened again, this time by rain.

 7:35    Greg scurries into tent, Patty notices Greg smells like smoke.

 9:00    Charcoal added to fire to keep it burning during rain.

10:05    Joe and Val have breakfast in tent with sandwich fixin's

10:30    Women return from showers after clocking fellow camper in the head
             with the door.

11:00    Greg begins to make pancakes on fire.

11:10    Greg decides rain causes grease in pan to splatter too much, cooking
             resumed on stove under rain shelter.

11:15    Val Takes control of the Grill.

11:20    Greg mumbles some derogatory comment about women in general
             and relieves Val of Grill Duty. (Val's Pancakes are fed
             to the fire)

11:30    Breakfast eaten

12:00    Group cleans up and decides to take a tour of a cave in an effort
             to stay dry during rain.

12:30    Everything stuffed back into Greg's truck.

12:40    9 members of group climb into Joes truck once again, and
             head 15 miles down road to Black Hole Caverns.

 1:10    Group arrives at cavern to discover a few other people
             had the same idea.

 1:15    Enter REALLY Small giftshop to purchase tickets.
             Discover that anywhere from 50 - 500 (depending on who's
             telling the story) have done the same.

 1:40    After purchasing tickets, Find that Cavern tour starts
             at 2:00

 1:50    Wait in the rain. (because the gift shop is just too crowded)

 2:00    Tour begun, Joe hits on tour guide.

 2:15    Joe amuses all by walking on the cavern walls (to his
             mother's dismay)

 2:20    Tour Guide turns off all Cavern Lighting (total darkness {TD}
             Results) Great time to Experience "Kramer Effect"...But
             the opportunity is missed.

 2:30    Group ponders "Why has this ancient Cavern, which has remained
             undisturbed for almost 20 Million years been desecrated by
             these ape like creatures (called West Virginians)"

 2:35    For Tourists...Of course.

 2:45    Tour is over...Group exits Cavern...
             Joe still flirting with tourguide.

 2:50    Group Hurriedly Piles into Cars, after realizing
             "Hey...We haven't eaten for almost 3 hours."

 3:20    Group returns to campsite...Cooks lunch/dinner

 4:00    Need More Firewood...

 4:30    Dinner served...Chicken Breast Briquets, and Baked Potato Briquets
             for everyone.

 5:00    Weather clearing up...Decide to visit Black Water Falls so Patty
             will stop whining.

 5:15    Steve, Lynne and Greg head out in Steve's car, rest of group piles
             into Joe's blazer for 20 mile drive.
 5:45    Suzy and Val determine that you can't tell where you are going
             by where you have been, Therefore disproving Joe's theory that
             you can drive by looking in your rear view mirror.

 5:50    Val pelts Steve, Lynne, and Greg with Booger Gun.

 6:00    Sight seeing at Black water falls.  Ohhh Ahhh Yeeee!!!

 6:15    Pile in Vehicles for the return trip home.

 6:30    Group stops at nearby state park on return trip.

 6:35    Pass Deer on roadside, Stop so Patty can pet the deer

 6:37    Deer Petting Unsuccessful

 6:40    Deer leaves, bewildered by all the attention.

 7:15    Group arrives back at camp.

 7:30    Fire rekindled, Joes prepares to make the perfect hamburger.

 7:35    Guys still moping about internet connection.

 8:00    Joe's fire is ready, Hamburgers made, beer drank.

 8:15    Much alcohol remaining...must be consumed by Monday.

 8:30    Group starts to play card/drinking games.

 8:40    Eric fends off knife attack by Lisa with umbrella.  Joe looking
             confused states 'Who do you think you are, the Penguin!'

 8:50    Greg begins complaining about his Mom for some reason
             when Joe adds 'I'll see your Mom and raise you a father'

 9:10    Game turns into therapy session...  Game:  People state that they
             are the most boring person in the world because they
             have never... and anyone who has must drink.

10:00    Game takes on a sexual connotation.

            (Much editing to obtain P.G. Rating)

10:45    Steve looks at Lynne for the third time and says 'Why
             are you drinking?'

11:00    Steve and Lynne retire to Tents.

11:15    Remaining players still trying to eavesdrop on Steve and Lynne.

12:00    Eric breaks out bottle of Sambuka.

12:05    Eric and Suzy do shots, Try to convince Joe to do the same.

12:15    Still convincing Joe.

12:20    Joe Hesitantly does shot.

12:30    Everyone is tired of Sambuka

 1:00    Game is complete...Alcohol has been consumed.

 1:15    Remaining campers retire to tents.

Monday    6/29

   Weather:  Sunny Highs in the upper 70's

 8:00    Group arises and begins to prepare to leave.

 8:15    Greg attempts to clean his truck, which by this time is in
             considerably worse shape than Joe's apartment, and believe me
             that's bad.

 8:30    Everything taken out of Greg's truck.

 9:00    Tents set out in street to dry.

 9:30    Steve makes huge pot of scrambled eggs and bacon, fulfilling a
             lifelong dream.

10:00    Tents disassembled, and packed.

10:15    All dishes, coolers, etc washed, Joe and Eric rinse in shower.

10:30    Trucks packed

11:00    Group says its goodbyes and departs campground for the
             journey home.

12:00    Joe wants a portable traffic light.

 1:30    After a huge juicy bug nearly crashes through Joe's windshield,
             it is determined that "Cows make bigger messes."

 3:30    Greg nearly clocks pedestrian after leaving Eric's with
             his tire open.

Most memorable quote:  'I'll get in trouble for that.' - Joe



"I'll get in trouble for that." - Joe

"Cows make bigger messes." - Valerie

"You can't tell where you are going by where you have been." - Suzy & Valerie

"When you point a finger at someone, 3 fingers point back at you." - Paul

"Bird shit is really people shit from a plane after reaching
 terminal velocity." - Valerie

"Mom will be mad at me for walking on the wall." - Joe

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help it" - Joe, Eric, Suzy, & Valerie

"Hey, wait a minute!?" - Lisa

"Why are you drinking?!?" - Steve




   Steve Shala          April 4
   Eric Ruth            April 9
   Luke Kristofits      April 10
   Jim Olivo            May 3
   Patty Minto          May 15
   Valerie Schutz       June 15
   Lynne Ginther        July 11
   Greg Grieff          September 1
   Joe Baigis           September 17
   John Kristofits      September 26
   Paul Page            September 29
   Lisa Galaini         September 30
   Suzy Thompson        November 26

   Others not forgotten, just unknown.


   Eric & Suzy          September 3, 1995
   Joe & Valerie        September 3, 1995
   Steve & Lynne        May 18, 1996
   Paul & Lisa          One of these days