Animoto Videos

20120901 Girl Scout Troop 5113 - Brownie Years
20120726 AAU Junior Olympics
20120601 Ally and Janelle Silver Girl Scout Award
20120528 Memorial Day Camping
20120225 Girl Scout Thinking Day
20120129 Powder Puff Derby
20111220 Youth Sports Holiday Party
20110915 NTIA Summer Picnic
20110821 Outer Banks
20110501 Girl Scout troop Ally
20110728 Junior Olympics
20110622 Jump Rope Nationals
20110615 Marshall 5th grade promotion
20110515 AAU VA Closed Qualifier
20110409 USA JR Region 1 Qualifier
20110402 AAU Delaware
20110311 Marshall Talent Show
20101215 Youth Sports Holiday Party
20101022 National Childrens Museum
20101011 Youth Sports Jump Rope FX
20100924 Youth Sports Season Opener
20100902 NTIA Summer Picnic
20100824 Outer Banks Vacation 2010
20100606 Novo Nordisk Performance
20100306 AAU Maryland Invitational
20091220 Youth Sports Holiday Party
20091005 National Children's Museum
20090917 NTIA Summer Picnic
20080824 Outer Banks
20070824 Outer Banks
20071124 Whitehall High School 20 year class reunion

Youtube Videos
20080702 1247 MVI 4275 jordan swimming underwater
whitehall pa zephyr 1987 commencement graduation.wmv
20120603 Girl scout end of year party at Massanutten
jump rope pool party.mp4
20111228 Newseum Weather Forecast
20111228 Newseum President
20111228 Newseum Bills weather report
Time lapse on The Outer Banks
sunrise 3.mp4
2011 AAU Junior Olympics - FX Junior Team Show
20110311 School Talent Show - ally performance.mpg
18 person subway
seneca 2009
20100804 JO Awards
2010 Junior Olympics - Senior Team Show - Jump Rope FX
2010 Junior Olympics - Jordan Individual Freestyle
2010 Junior Olympics - Allyson Individual Freestyle
2010 Junior Olympics Jump Rope FX Junior Group Routine (BRONZE Medal)
2010 Junior Olympics - Allyson Natalie Pairs Freestyle
Ally Playing with her eyes closed
2009 USA Jump Rope Nationals Intro (Music Deleted
2009 Junior Olympics - Team FX Introduction
2009 AAU VA intro.mpg (No music)
20100623 USA JR Nationals - Allys stuff.mpg
20100623 USA JR Nationals slideshow.mpg
20100401 Team FX USA JR Region 1 Qualifier
T1I04587 Ally Jordan opening easter baskets.MOV
T1I01425 Allyson Freestyle.MOV
T1I01532 Jordan Freestyle
T1I00322 Jordan Daisy Rededication ceremony
T1I00321 Jordan Daisy Rededication ceremony
T1I00725 Ally Jordan Sliding into Snow Fort.MOV
MVI_0832.MOV (Front end loader removing snow)
2009 AAU Mid atlantic jump rope stills
2009 AAU Mid atlantic jump rope stills
2009 AAU Mid atlantic jump rope (Ally speed & Freestyle & Awards)
still collage 08
still collage 07
video compilation 04f
video compilation 04e
video compilation 04d
video compilation 04c
video compilation 04b
video compilation 04a
video compilation 03c
video compilation 03b
video compilation 03a
video compilation 02
still collage 06
still collage 05
still collage 04
still collage 03
still collage 02
still collage 01
video compilation 01